TYPFs work is guided by the belief that all people have an inherent capacity to lead if provided relevant information, resources and a platform. We want to ensure that young people across diversities have access to information, resources and opportunities to lead personal and social transformation. We believe that this will only be possible with young people’s meaningful participation at all levels of decision making, especially in areas that impact their lives.

TYPF takes a leadership building approach to ensure meaningful youth participation in the design, development, implementation and monitoring of all youth focused and led programmes and policies. We believe that a just and equitable world is based on the realisation of human rights for all young people and that young people themselves must play a critical role in achieving this vision. We engage young people as peer leaders, campaigners, advocates and community leaders to not only build their perspective, knowledge and skills, but also to demonstrate the full potential of youth leadership and the value of investing in young people as leaders of change.

TYPF works towards youth development in three distinct ways:

  • Implementing direct youth led and youth engaging programmes that ensure young people’s access to information, services and rights. 
  • Youth led public and policy engagement by enabling young leaders as advocates and creating platforms for them to engage with policy makers and implementers. 
  • Creating research, data and resources to enhance young people’s knowledge and perspectives on critical issues as well as to provide insights on young people’s realities for programme and policy development.