Our Vision

A world where all young people's human rights are realised and they are recognised as equal stakeholders and transformative leaders.

Our Mission

To develop young people’s feminist and rights-based leadership, ensure their meaningful participation in creating programmes and policies and legitimise youth leadership of social change.
intersectional feminism sociology

Our Values

Every person shall be treated as equal. No person shall be discriminated against on the grounds of sex, religion, caste, socio-economic status, ability, age, class, gender identity, sexual orientation and employment.Every person’s human rights should be respected, affirmed and fulfilled.
All action will be guided by a feminist and intersectional lens that considers how individual identity may overlap into multiple disadvantaged groups.
Agency and inclusiveness are principles that ground our work. All voices should be heard and the right to choose should be actively and substantively affirmed. We are accountable to our vision and mission, to each other, and to the young people we work with.

Our Theory of Change

Our vision is to ensure that young people’s human rights are realised. We believe that to address this, young people must be empowered themselves. To empower young people, we increase their access to information and services, focusing on helping them understand and realise their rights. We work with young people to help them create programmes, advocate for and understand those rights.
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