We aim to strengthen young people’s engagement with policy-making at local, national, regional and international levels through a number of programmes.


The Access Project (TAP) is an evidence generation programme that works towards advocating for young people’s right to quality health services without judgement, stigma and age related barriers. It aims to bridge the gap between young people and service providers by pushing for the inclusion of young people’s voice in service delivery, through creating data and systems on youth-friendly health service provision for feedback to health service facilities, service providers and policy makers.

Feminist and Adolescent Youth-led Action (FAYA)

The Feminist and Adolescent Youth-led Action (FAYA) programme works to empower 10,000 adolescents and youth across four districts in Rajasthan by delivering stigma-free and rights-affirming comprehensive sexuality education, and enables them to advocate for their well-being at the personal, community, state, and national levels. The project aims to create youth leadership by training and facilitating platforms where young people can demand their needs and rights directly.

The Know Your Body, Know Your Rights (KYBKYR) programme through its comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) curriculum facilitates the agency of adolescents and youth by providing stigma-free and rights affirming information on their bodies, health, and sexuality. The programme furthers youth leadership by building young people’s capacities to advocate for their sexual and reproductive health, rights, and well being at personal, community, and state levels.

Learning Communities (LC) is a community-based intervention that engages children and adolescents between the ages of 5 to 17 years on life skills, health, and gender equality. Learning Communities has been working with a community comprising 150 families in Sunder Nagar Nursery since 2008. Though SNN is a part of the larger Nizamuddin Basti in Central Delhi, it is located slightly away from the rest of the area, thus isolating the migrant community that lives there from the governmental and non-governmental interventions in place in Nizamuddin Basti.

The Mardon Wali Baat (MWB) programme works to conduct research and design interventions and pedagogy that speak to the intersectional experiences of young men and boys in Uttar Pradesh, and collectively build new feminist definitions of masculinities by challenging gender discriminatory norms and gender based violence.

Safe Abortions For Everyone (SAFE)

The Safe Abortions For Everyone (SAFE) programme is dedicated to safe abortion awareness and advocacy in India, with a special focus on the marine fisherfolk community in Kerala and the tea garden labourer community in Assam. It aims to understand common myths and misconceptions around abortion among young people, and provide them with complete and unbiased information from a rights-based lens.


The Butterfly Project enables young women from marginalised communities in low-resource settings to creatively address gender and discrimination through digital media.

This programme aims to de-stigmatise mental health conditions, develops awareness about mental health, and advocates for the need for mental well-being among young people and adolescents.

Udaan uses human centered design interventions to improve the knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents.