What are you looking for?

As you consider applying, here are some things you should know about us! TYPF believes in:

One team

We believe in collaborative growth where your only competition is you and there are enough opportunities to travel, learn, grow, and discover to go around for everyone. At TYPF, you inherit other people's ideas and then get supported to enable your own.

Out of the box

We believe in thinking outside the box and are always willing to try out new ideas. TYPF is a place where people are fun to work with, out-spoken and passionate, where your voice has value and you are respected. At TYPF, the things we value include your sense of humour and your commitment to getting things done.

The non-patriarchal family

We believe in plurality and diversity and respect diverse forms of identity and leadership. We do not discriminate on the basis of your disability, HIV status, gender, caste, religion, or sexual orientation. You are encouraged to challenge the status quo.

Not a run-of-the-mill job

TYPF is a place to learn, challenge yourself, and be blown away by people's abilities to innovate and grow.


Other than an unlimited supply of tea, coffee, and internet, we believe in finding sustainable, cost effective ways of getting work done.


There's nothing to hide at TYPF. If you want to know something, just ask!

Complete ownership

We invest in our staff and ensure that, regardless of age, they can take up leadership roles within the organisation and confidently represent TYPF in local, national, and international spaces.

Self care and the individual

It isn't just about the work or being an expert at it. People at TYPF are the most precious resource we have and no one here goes ignored or unnoticed. TYPF has a generous leave policy and we encourage people to take time to take care of themselves.