Delhi: Regional Consultation on the Status of Adolescent Health


The objective of this regional consultation was to take the insights and learnings from young people working  consultations to the national consultation, which will be held in Delhi. 31 participants were present at the consultation of which 11 were from Delhi, 4 from Haryana, 4 from Punjab, 8 from Rajasthan and 4 from Chandigarh

The consultation began with an exercise to identify the key needs of adolescents. The needs of adolescents that the participants identified were : youth friendly spaces, conducive environment to talk about SRHR, mental health awareness, substance misuse, access to SRHR services, comprehensive sexuality education

To ensure that all participants understood the policies relating to adolescent health, Dr. Yogesh, Program Officer, RKSK Punjab, shared information about the structure and functioning of the RKSK program. The participants then asked Dr Yogesh about the aspects of child protection, curriculum development and the role of CSOs and in the RKSK programme.

After Dr Yogesh’s presentation, the participants discussed recommendations to fill gaps in the policy and its implementation. The recommendations ranged from increasing the linkages between CSOs and government agencies working on adolescent health to strengthening the monitoring mechanisms for the programme, introducing modules on mental health and the prioritization of substance abuse and increasing awareness about SRHR issues.

Dr. Gautam, State Nodal Officer for Adolescent Health, Delhi, Dr. Rameshwari, Dr. Pushpa and Dr. Yogesh, Program Officer RKSK, Punjab were present for the presentation of the participants’ recommendations and appreciated the efforts of the participants and provided inputs to sharpen the recommendations.