TYPF Invites Video Applications For Youth Insight, 29-30 August 2018


About TYPF

TYPF is a youth-led and youth run organisation with 75 percent of its staff under the age of 30. The organization was formed with the hope of bringing together young people from across the country to build a stronger understanding of Human Rights. TYPF builds young people’s feminist and human rights perspectives on social issues, and connects them with opportunities to lead and create on ground impact on relevant issues and enables them to address systemic gaps through public and policy advocacy based on their experiences. In the last 15 years, TYPF has reached out to 500,000 adolescents and youth to set up over 300 projects in 18 states of India.

With regards to advocacy, TYPF follows a three-fold strategy. At the local level, TYPF works with young people and their gatekeepers to create an enabling environment that enhances young people’s access to information and services that impact their citizenship and rights. Whereas, at the national and international level, TYPF leverages consultative fora such as those convened by technical agencies or government ministries, to amplify the voices as well as experiences of young people – often these are incredible youth advocates that we, and/or partner organizations work with – towards shaping policies and legislation so that they can better address young people’s realities. Most importantly, TYPF advocates for the systematic and meaningful involvement of youth across all levels of programming and policy.


As of 2011, every third person in India is a youth or adolescent. Yet, due to their diverse socio-cultural and economic contexts, young people are viewed as an especially amorphous constituency, who are challenging to mobilise/engage. But the exclusion of such a cross-cutting demographic from  the initial stages of problem defining and agenda setting, can result in critical information gaps that hamper progress in attaining intersecting development goals of gender, health, education and decent work, and a subsequent domino setback in the development of present as well as future generations. Today, young people have limited access to quality information on issues of health, gender and Human Rights. Young women and girls are especially disadvantaged, and further marginalised on account of their gender, alongside their age, caste, class, location, ability etc. Hence it is imperative that this significant stakeholder group – young people – are equipped with comprehensive stigma free and evidence based information on health and wellbeing. Only then will they be capable of negotiating the vulnerabilities of violence, HIV, abuse, climate, gender inequality and poverty. Across urban, rural, socio-economic and cultural differences, adolescents and youth have the capacity to understand and engage with issues that directly impact them, but institutions seldom acknowledge this. The YP Foundation (TYPF) strongly believes in the systematic and meaningful engagement of youth in all aspects of programme and policy development including impact assessment. Meaningful youth engagement combined with increased and consistent investment in youth leadership skills ensures a bottom up approach on adolescent health. This will go a long way in creating a positive future where no one is left behind.

About the Youth INsight

Youth INsight will be a two day event. On day 1, the participants will undertake an in-depth reflection of the political and social landscape of AYSRHR and collectively develop a framework for operationalising a youth-led adolescent health policy working group. There will be opportunities for cross-learning from the multitude of young professionals and activists working in this area from varying socio-cultural contexts and programmes. Day 2 will bring together youth, government, technical agencies and civil society stakeholders on an equal-footing platform to effectuate a range of focused multi-stakeholder discussions towards affecting youth-informed programming and policy.

Participants’ travel expenses (3rd AC train fare) will be reimbursed and accommodation and food will be provided by The YP Foundation for the duration of the event.

Key Objectives

  1. To enhance capacities of young people to advocate for adolescent and youth health through technical knowledge and perspective building sessions

  2. To demonstrate the potential of meaningful youth engagement on adolescent and youth health policy and programming by providing youth advocates an equal-footing platform to dialogue with government, technical agencies and CSOs

  3. To institute a youth-led adolescent and youth health policy working group of youth advocates and/or field-level practitioners or professionals who can provide informed insight on relevant policies and programmes.