On The Importance Of Learning How To Use Abortion Pills


A large section of our society doesn’t even know that abortion is legal in India. Those who do know are often not sure about where they can get an abortion from, or about how to use abortion pills. All of this is a result of the quiet whispers that surround these issues. For instance, this video, issued by the Rajasthan government is a clear indication that  of the challenges of providing information to people about their sexual and reproductive rights, which includes a woman’s right to undergo an abortion.

There is a huge gap when it comes to information on sex and sexuality, and this gap further widens when we talk about abortion. With multiple opinions on abortion and the negative connotations attached to it, the information available is often wrapped in societal notions and judgements – thereby, not being all that useful for those who choose to undergo this procedure.

But what’s important to know is that abortion is a choice, and should not be taken away from people who want to avail of it.

HowToUse is an international community-based organization that believes that all women, regardless of their status, have the right to a safe abortion.They work to provide reliable information on how to use abortion tablets. In addition to this, they also have information on what needs to be done before and after taking an abortion pill.The organization also has a blog which documents the existing attitudes towards abortion across the world. There is also country-wise information on f abortion laws and available helpline numbers.

Community-based organizations like this are important because they help in furthering the conversation around sensitive issues. Thus, this is an important resource for all of us to keep in mind and utilize in order to increase our own knowledge on the taboo topic of abortion