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Disclaimer: if you want to donate from a non Indian account, please get in touch with Logna at

Why should I donate to TYPF?

By upholding the values of being feminist, intersectional and rights based, we work towards advancing the rights of young people, specially young women and girls from marginalised and disadvantageous backgrounds. We do this through a range of programmatic interventions mainly addressing the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people and generating a demand for information on the same. If making sure that young people have an unbiased, rights affirming access to information on their health and rights is important to you, then you can support our cause by donating through the modes of payment mentioned above, or the additional modes mentioned below.

How much should I donate?

  • By donating 100 rupees, you will support 1 young person’s participation in 1 training session on gender, menstruation, sexuality or health  
  • By donating 500 rupees, you will support 5 young people’s participation in 1 training session on sexual and reproductive health
  • By donating 1000 rupees, you will support 10 young people’s participation in 1 training on sexual and reproductive health

Recurring, small donations are more meaningful to us than a one-time large donation – you can be part of our work by helping us continue our work more sustainably!

How does The YP Foundation utilise my donation?

equal rights for women
    • 0% of your donation goes towards implementing project activities and to ensure that our programmes continue to support the young people we work with
    • 30% of your donation goes towards personnel costs to ensure that our staff managing the projects are remunerated for their work
    • 10% of your donation goes towards administrative and operational costs to ensure that the tangible requirements of the projects such as the rent of a community centre is being met

You can find out more information about our programmes here.

Where can I see the impact of my donation?

  • For razorpay users, we constantly update our website on the programme activities and events where you can see the impact of our donation. You can access our programmes page here.

    For GlobalGiving users, we publish project reports every 3 months to update our donors on the project which you can access here

What modes of payment can be used?

  • You can provide your donations through:
    • Cash Donations (As per Income Tax Law in India) for Indian Citizens
    • Wire Transfer to the organization’s bank account
    • Cheque or Draft, to be made out to ‘The YP Foundation’
    • Online payment through Razorpay (INR donations) and/or GlobalGiving (Non-INR Donations)
Contact us on info[at]theypfoundation[dot]org for our account details.

Why this particular gateway (Razorpay/GlobalGiving)?

The fundraising and communications team at TYPF conducted research on several payment gateways that are available in India. The research included analysing the commission fees, ease of processing payment, suitability with different forms of technology and found razorpay to be the most suitable and user friendly payment gateway for Indian users

TYPF has been part of the GlobalGiving crowdfunding platform since 2016. The platform allows TYPF to showcase our work in the form of stories, narratives and reports to donors and funders and raise funds for specific projects.

Where can I access the organisation’s financial documents?

You can access our annual reports, foreign contributions and audit reports here

To answer further questions on security of payments, payment receipts, any fees incurred on your payment kindly refer to the support pages below: